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Multi Arts Academy is music and acting school located in Newark, NJ


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What is a scale? The easiest way to explain scales is like a collection of notes that of a musical reason have been grouped together. The benefit of knowing scales in music is that you know how to orient yourself among notes. This will among other things give you a foundation for improvising – not
I always tell my students and clients that there's truly nothing more important than being a great performer. Your talent can be mediocre. Your looks can be average. Even your music can be so-so. But your performance has to be electric if you want to get noticed and engage your audience. Sta
The idea of theatrical acting inspires a sense of dread in most adults. A fear of being put on the spot, or of being embarrassed in front of peers, is reason enough for someone to run in the other direction at the mere mention of emoting so publicly. You might be experiencing trepidation just readi

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